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Cy pres awards in New Hampshire

Cy pres awards are residual funds in class action cases (and occasionally in other types of proceedings like bankruptcy and probate matters) that, for any number of reasons, are unclaimed or cannot be distributed to the intended beneficiaries. Under the cy pres doctrine and New Hampshire law, courts can distribute these unclaimed or residual funds to appropriate charitable causes, including civil legal services for low-income, vulnerable and under-represented people. Counsel for the affected class often has the ability to nominate charitable organizations like NHLA to receive these funds.

New Hampshire Legal Assistance welcomes cy pres awards to support our mission of improving access to justice for all New Hampshire residents. One underlying premise for all class action is to make access to justice a reality for people who otherwise would not be able to obtain the protections of the court system. 

Cy pres awards can enable NHLA to continue or create successful and meaningful projects bringing greater access to justice to all in New Hampshire.

To read about the many ways NHLA helps increase access to justice in New Hampshire, visit our legal services page.

For more information about cy pres awards and other awards of residual funds and how you can make an impact by directing such an award to New Hampshire Legal Assistance contact Executive Director Sarah Matton Dustin at 603-224-4107.