New Hampshire Legal Assistance

Helping to balance the scales of justice for everyone since 1971.

Special Projects

NHLA responds to the emerging needs of clients with new projects and efforts, often in collaboration with other organizations in the state.

Children's Dental Health

NHLA is monitoring our State's compliance with a federal class action consent decree entered in 2004 to improve the Medicaid dental program for children. Contact: Kay Drought 1-800-334-3135, extension 2503.

Medical Legal Partnership

NHLA has developed successful Medical Legal Partnerships with two medical partners - the Amoskeag Health and Ammonoosuc Community Health Services. National data suggests that social determinants of health, areas where we live, work, play and age, significantly affect our health outcomes. Through medical legal partnerships, NHLA advocates work closely with health center staff to identify patients with legal needs, reduce barriers by working with patients at the centers where they receive medical services, and provide legal interventions which will improve long-term health outcomes and stabilize households and communities.

Periodic Payment Clinic   

After a creditor obtains a court judgment stating that a creditor owes money, the creditor will seek payment, typically in the form of “periodic payments.” With the support of Court staff, NHLA sends attorneys to the Candia Circuit Court once per month on the day the Court has scheduled periodic payments hearings. Attorneys assist individuals who want to meet with a lawyer with paperwork, advise them about their rights (including the right not to make payments from certain kinds of income, such as Social Security benefits), help them negotiate agreements with creditors, and provide on-the-spot representation.

Child Lead Poisoning Prevention Project

New Hampshire has the oldest housing stock in the United States. With over 58% of its housing stock built before 1978, the year that the use of lead paint for residential purposes was banned, our state’s children are particularly endangered. Focusing on communities that are at greatest risk, NHLA is working with partners to engage in a multi-faceted and collaborative approach to reduce the incidence of lead poisoning and other environmental threats to children’s health in their communities and particularly in their homes. 

We were instrumental in the efforts to pass state legislation expanding blood lead testing for infants and toddlers, signed into law by Gov. Chris Sununu in January 2018. Click here to read more.