New Hampshire Legal Assistance

Helping to balance the scales of justice for everyone since 1971.

Legal Services

For more than 40 years, New Hampshire Legal Assistance has provided civil legal services for low-income and elderly New Hampshire residents. 

Throughout our history, NHLA has worked with two goals in mind: serving as a community law office for low-income people, and providing a strong and skillful voice for systemic change to remove economic and social barriers to their full participation in the life of our healthy and prosperous state. 

To determine your eligibility for services, we encourage you to complete the online application at

Our legal services tend to fall into several categories. For more information about our work in each category, visit the following pages:

  • Public Benefits: The Benefits Project helps individuals obtain the assistance they need to stabilize their income and move toward self-sufficiency. Advocates help persons with disabilities obtain Social Security disability (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and Assistance to the Permanently and Temporarily Disabled (APTD) benefits and access to health care through Medicare and Medicaid. The Project also works for improvements in the APTD/Medicaid system.
  • Domestic Violence: The Domestic Violence Advocacy Project represents victims and survivors of domestic abuse in domestic violence restraining order hearings, and divorce and parenting/custody cases.
  • Housing: The Housing Justice Project helps individuals and families who are either currently without shelter or are at imminent risk of becoming homeless. The Fair Housing Project investigates complaints of discrimination and assists people who are victims of housing discrimination.
  • Aging: The Justice in Aging Project assists seniors with civil legal problems including consumer protection/debt collection, health care, public and private housing, family problems, food stamps, public assistance benefits, utility shut-off, and nursing facility and assisted living/residential care facilities problems.
  • Youth Law Project: The Youth Law Project works with children and teenagers who are facing long-term suspensions and expulsions from school, delinquency or CHINS petitions, and youth at-risk of having such petitions filed against them. The Youth Law Project helps to secure the educational, health, mental health, and other services necessary for these young people to stay in their homes and communities and out of the juvenile justice system.