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Scam Alert: We do not ask clients to pay legal costs

Posted Nov 05, 2020

NH Legal Assistance is warning residents about a phone scam by individuals claiming to be NH Legal Assistance attorneys. In the call, the scammer tells the target a relative has been arrested and needs bail money immediately.

In one case, a scammer posing as “a public defender from NH Legal Assistance” told a Manchester man he needed to send $18,000 to get his grandson released from police custody. The scammer gave a fake name and provided a fake phone number and case number. This is one of several telephone scams on the rise in New Hampshire.

If you receive a call demanding money for a relative’s legal costs, hang up and don’t send money. Contact your relative or other family members to set your mind at ease. Consider notifying your local police department and/or reporting the scam online at

NH Legal Assistance provides free legal aid in civil cases at no cost and would never contact a client or a relative of a client asking for payment of legal costs.