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Program Update: Domestic Violence Advocacy

Posted Mar 08, 2018

In our regular series of updates from our project areas, here is some news from the Domestic Violence Advocacy Project Director, Erin Jasina: 

2017 was a busy year for NHLA’s Domestic Violence Advocacy Project (DVAP). 

We hired three new staff attorneys: Two of those attorneys assist victims with drafting domestic violence petitions and representing clients in final protective order hearings. Our third new hire represents victims/survivors in their divorce and parenting cases against their abusers. I

Increased project staff has allowed us to increase our capacity to serve victims in New Hampshire. In 2017, the DVAP served 183 clients, nearly double the number of victims served in 2016. 

In 2018, NHLA’s DVAP remains committed to increasing access to justice for immigrant, refugee, and LGBTQ victims and survivors. We seek to provide support and holistic representation to those marginalized communities where significant barriers to accessing civil legal services still exist. Some of those barriers include cultural differences, language access, and distrust of the civil and criminal justice systems. 

In strong collaboration with our community partners, NHLA’s DVAP strives to connect with victims and survivors in the hopes of creating a safe and culturally responsive answer to their civil legal needs.