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NHLA statement on JLCAR December 20, 2018 vote

Posted Dec 21, 2018

December 21, 2018


New Hampshire Legal Assistance (NHLA) Policy Director Dawn McKinney released the following statement in response to the vote by the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules to object to a proposed interim administrative rule. The rejected rule would subject some people who rely on Medicaid for their health coverage to harsh work reporting requirements.

Statement by Dawn McKinney, NHLA Policy Director:


      New Hampshire Legal Assistance is pleased by the bipartisan unanimous vote by members of JLCAR yesterday.  Objecting to the proposed work requirement rule was a responsible decision, given the potential ramifications.


      Almost 17,000 people have lost their health care in Arkansas since September due to that state’s work requirement. Kentucky has been mired in litigation over this issue for months with no resolution in sight. NHLA is working hard with our partners in other organizations to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen here. 


      The JLCAR decision does not jeopardize coverage for New Hampshire Medicaid beneficiaries.


      What this decision does is give New Hampshire leaders time to address the well-founded concerns that a work requirement will be expensive to administer and could cause confusion, chaos and loss of coverage for thousands of people. Our state leaders have time now to develop a common-sense, bipartisan New Hampshire solution.


      Hard-working New Hampshire families don’t need any more red tape. They need health care coverage so they can stay healthy and continue to provide for their families. 


      NHLA will continue to monitor this process and advocate for Medicaid beneficiaries at-large and individually.