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NHLA guidance on CDC eviction ban, new rent assistance

Posted Mar 03, 2021

Many Granite Staters who are behind on rent can halt their eviction and avoid homelessness under the CDC Eviction Moratorium. But the protection from eviction is only temporary as the moratorium ends on March 31, 2021.

Until then tenants should apply for rental assistance immediately through their local Community Action Program ( and their town or city welfare office. 

Beginning March 15, 2021, tenants must also apply for rental assistance through the NH Emergency Rental Assistance Program at:

Tenants must pay as much of their rent as possible. When the moratorium ends, they will be required to pay all overdue rent and possibly associated penalties, fees, or interest as well.

To qualify, every adult in the home must certify in writing to their landlord that they have nowhere else to live; have applied for all available government assistance; and cannot afford their rent because of job loss, reduced hours, loss of household income, or extraordinarily costly medical expenses.

“The CDC’s action broadly but temporarily protects tenants who have had their lives upended by the health crisis and subsequent economic shutdowns. In halting evictions, the order will help many people stay in their homes, not exposed to COVID-19 in homeless shelters or on the street,” said Elliott Berry, NHLA Housing Justice Project Co-Director. “However, this does not absolve tenants from paying rent, and does not address what will happen to people on April 1, 2021 when their unpaid rent is due. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that tenants who are having trouble paying their rent pay as much as they can afford and apply for rental assistance as soon as possible.

We advise tenants to keep a copy of the certification form they provide their landlord and all applications for assistance as well as any denials of assistance.

The moratorium does not require that tenants’ financial challenges be directly caused by COVID-19. The certification form tenants must sign and give to their landlords is available in English, Spanish, Somali, and Portuguese at https://www.covid19evictionfor...

If you receive an eviction notice, you may qualify for free legal aid. An application, and a library of self-help resources, are available at You can also apply by phone at 1-800-639-5290.

Funding support for this program was provided in part by the IOLTA program of the New Hampshire Bar Foundation