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NHLA comment on NH Medicaid work requirement waiver

Posted Nov 30, 2018

New Hampshire Legal Assistance has issued the following statement on the CMS approval of a Medicaid waiver allowing the implementation of a work requirement for certain people:

“As we and other health care advocates around the country have said time and again, work requirements for Medicaid are contrary to federal law. Kentucky and Arkansas are currently tied up in litigation over this issue; meanwhile, 12,000 people have already lost access to their health insurance.”


“Today the federal government approved a waiver that would allow New Hampshire to implement a similar, costly and ineffective work reporting requirement that threatens the health insurance access of thousands of New Hampshire families. 77% of people on Medicaid in New Hampshire are in working families.  Those who aren’t working are sick, disabled, or taking care of family.” 


“Our Legislature does not have to take this path. New Hampshire has a chance to pause, delay or stop implementation altogether. The rules – including a fiscal impact note that is still not available for public comment – go before the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules December 20th. We urge legislators to take a closer look at how a work requirement will negatively impact vulnerable New Hampshire residents and the New Hampshire state budget.


“Do we want to wrap our state up in litigation like Kentucky?  Do we want to risk health care coverage for thousands like they’ve seen in Arkansas? Do we want to spend NH’s limited state resources spinning new red tape for struggling families?”


--Dawn McKinney, Policy Director, New Hampshire Legal Assistance