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NHLA Statement on SNHS presence at Manchester District Court

Posted Sep 03, 2021

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program is an unprecedented opportunity to keep families in their homes and make sure landlords receive rent they are owed. The tenants we spoke with in Manchester before their eviction hearings on Thursday, in many cases, were not aware of the Program or believed they were not eligible. 

Having Southern New Hampshire Services at the courthouse to process Emergency Rental Assistance applications was extremely effective. We hope other Community Action Programs will be able to attend court sessions in their regions. 

We encourage tenants who are facing eviction to apply for Emergency Rental Assistance through their local Community Action Partnership, which can be found at or by calling 2-1-1 as soon as possible. If they need legal assistance, we encourage tenants to call 603 Legal Aid at 603-224-3333. 

Tenants should ask for their hearings to be postponed if they still need to apply or are waiting for a decision.

Elliott Berry, Housing Justice Project Co-Director