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Meet Rhonda Castle - NHLA's newest benefits paralegal

Posted Nov 04, 2022

NHLA is happy to announce that Rhonda Castle has joined our Manchester office as a new paralegal working with our Benefits Project. Rhonda has already gotten a lot of hands-on experience over the last month working with Project Director Megan Dillon on social security cases. Her enthusiasm for this line of work has helped her to fit right in with the rest of the NHLA staff.

"I feel like I hit the career jackpot," she said. "My work here encompasses everything that I'm good at: providing legal services, building community connections, and it fulfils my desire to help people. My forte is my ability to get to the bottom of things by locating the most pertinent information and services to benefit clients. I'm able to balance a knack for communication and respect with warmth and support."

Rhonda brings more than 10 years’ experience as a paralegal specializing in personal injury and workers compensation. She administered between 50 to 75 cases at any one-time including managing client files, procuring documents, and preparing for trials. Her most recent position was at Shaheen and Gordon in Manchester, where she served as the first point of contact for potential new clients.

Outside of her work, Rhonda is an avid equestrian. She's been riding her own Canadian Draft horse named Meeko for three years. Rhonda is also a certified trauma coach through the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching.

Certified Trauma Coaches have a different role compared to therapists. Trauma Coaches are specifically trained to connect and coach individuals in chosen areas by helping to provide a safe space coupled with trauma informed care using healthy and supportive life skills to help individuals reconnect after a traumatic event.

"As a coach, I'm able to help someone through their trauma by building up their strengths and positive coping strategies," Rhonda said. “My coaching work has deeply strengthened my empathy and compassion for helping others in need and I’m eager to bring that to my legal work as well.”