New Hampshire Legal Assistance

Helping to balance the scales of justice for everyone since 1971.

Non-Profit Status


NHLA is a non-profit New Hampshirecorporation and has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service since 1971as a charitable tax-exempt organization. NHLA undergoes an annual audit by anindependent auditor. Our most Form 990 (tax-exempt organization tax return) andaudit report are linked below. NHLA also files annual reports with theCharitable Trust Division of the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office.

NHLA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. TheBoard meets five times per year and is responsible for setting NHLA's budget,hiring and annually evaluating the executive director, and determining overallstrategy and policy for the organization. The Board operates through an activecommittee system, led by the Executive Committee (consisting of the Board'sfour officers), which meets monthly. The Finance and Audit Committee overseesdevelopment of NHLA’s budget and oversees the audit and drafting of the Form990.

NHLA Audit for 2019

NHLA Form 990 for 2019

NHLA Bylaws