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NHLA Media Resources

NHLA available media resources, 2015

NHLA’s staff includes some of the most skilled and experienced litigators and policy advocates in the state. Whether you are looking for a background opinion while researching a proposed bill or seeking a sound bite about local welfare programs, domestic violence laws, veterans benefits or any number of other topics, NHLA’s advocates can provide insightful, useful perspectives on poverty law issues in the Granite State.

Our staff members are based at five offices across New Hampshire, and have experience at all levels of the justice system, including the state Supreme Court and the various government agencies that are involved in programs related to poverty.

Some newsworthy topics on which our advocates are well-versed: elder abuse and exploitation; the foreclosure process; consumer protections; housing discrimination; and the juvenile justice system, among many other issues that affect the daily lives of low-income Granite State families.

More details: 

Elliott Berry: Local welfare; property tax relief; federally subsidized housing law; bed bugs; rights of campground residents, homeless persons, renters and prisoners.

Stephanie Bray: Reverse mortgages; state and federal mortgage and foreclosure regulations; tax deeding and property tax issues; debt collection, including federal and state laws and regulations; rights of campground residents.

Kay Drought: N.H. legal system general expertise; access to civil legal aid; Medicaid; professional standards of attorneys (legal ethics); local municipal welfare programs.

Ruth Heintz: Property tax relief; Social Security benefits; disability discharge of student loans; Choices for Independence, a Medicaid program for in-home care.

Erin Jasina: Domestic violence and family law.

Mary Krueger: Domestic violence, family law; access to civil legal aid.

Dennis Labbe: Public utility assistance, weatherization and energy efficiency programs for low-income families.

Dona Larsen: Veterans issues; public benefit programs; Social Security and disability.

Sarah Mattson Dustin: New Hampshire unemployment law; welfare; TANF; food stamps; consumer protections; anti-poverty legislative advocacy.

Ben Mortell: Social Security disability and other public benefit programs.

Cheryl Steinberg: Elder abuse and exploitation; the rights of residents in long-term care, including nursing homes and assisted living facilities; debt collection.

Michelle Wangerin: Juvenile justice (CHINS, delinquency) and education: special education and school discipline; school push-out and school-to-prison pipeline; former public defender familiar with adult criminal justice system.

Chris Wellington: fair housing rights/ housing discrimination; federally subsidized housing law; application of the Violence Against Women Act in federally subsidized housing and immigration issues; immigrants rights and how immigration laws apply to crime victims, domestic violence victims and trafficking victims.

For more information or to arrange an interview with an NHLA advocate, please call Communications Manager Sarah Palermo at 369-6650.